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I learned not to give my husband an attitude

My husband is late again and I start to get upset. I cooked a special dinner for him and I was hoping we would be able to spend some time together while the kids were gone. An hour later he walks into the door. He says hello to me but I refuse to talk to him. I'm so angry at him for being late once again. I can tell he's starting to get annoyed with my silence. He asks for a beer and a slam it down angrily on the table. All of a sudden he roughly grabs me and starts to spank me over his lap. " I'm tired of your attitude. I'm going to teach you a lesson." He then takes off my pants and panties and begins to beat me with the belt. I struggle to hold back tears as I take my punishment. He suddenly stops and tells me to go stand in the corner. I reply saying " Yes, daddy" and do as he says. I hear him talking on the phone but I can't understand what he's saying. Soon he comes back and smacks my ads making me whimper. He tells me I've been a bad girl and I'm going to pay for it. His words frighten me and turn me on at the same time. I stood in the corner for 30 more minutes when my husband comes in with another man. The man is holding lots of rope and a paddle. I knew I would be getting more spankings. My husband instructs me to sit on the man's lap. I refuse and he quickly pushes me against the wall and starts spanking me with the paddle. The man asks me nicely to cone sit on his lap and I finally obey. He starts to play with my boobs and licks my nipples. I gasp as i feel his warm tongue on me. He carries me to the bedroom and pushes me on the bed. The strange man and my husband tie me up. I lay there quietly because I don't want to be spanked again. However both men still take turns spanking me. Tears are running down my face as they come down hard with the paddle and belt. Finally they have mercy on me and start to kiss my ass. The man licks in between my crack and I moan. They move their way up to my face and I see they both have their dicks out. I immediately open my mouth and my husband shoves his fat cock in. He fucks my face while the other man is slapping me with his dick. My husband disappears while I take the man's dick in my mouth. I feel fingers in my ass and I realize he is planning to fuck my ass. He puts his cock in and I can feel it ripping my hole apart. I start to scream from the pain and the man starts to lick my nipples. Soon the pain turns into pleasure and I start to moan loudly. I can feel my husband’s hot cum in my asshole and I swallow the man's cum as I suck his dick. My husband says since I've been a good girl during my punishment he will eat me out. He sends the man away and unties me. He sticks his tongue down my throat as his hands explore my body. His lips make their way down my neck and he kisses me all over, making me weak. He starts to lick me until he gets to my pussy. Right as he's about to put his fingers in the doorbell rings. It's the neighbor and he's wondering what's going on…

My husband invites him in. I'm still standing naked and I can tell the neighbor is trying not to look at me. My husband tells me to bring beers and I obey knowing what will happen if I don't. We find out the neighbor’s name is Joshua and he heard screaming and wanted to make sure if everything is alright. My husband assures him everything is fine. He notices Joshua staring at my feet and asks if he likes it. Joshua only nods and doesn't say anything. My husband tells me to sit on the couch and put my feet in Joshua’s lap. I do so immediately and I feel Joshua’s cock growing under his pants. He picks up my foot and starts to smell it. Then he starts to scratch my feet with a finger. My husband tells Joshua he is free to do whatever he wants with my feet. He starts to slowly kiss my soles and I moan and close my eyes. My husband comes over and starts to kiss and lick my upper body. Joshua flicks his tongue back and forth and then stuffs my toes in his mouth. My husband pinches my nipples and I'm overwhelmed with pleasure. Joshua takes my other foot licks in between each toe. He moans as he sniffs. He asks me to rub my feet up and down his face and I do so happily. He takes out his cock and puts it in between my feet. I start to move my feet up and down as he sits back and closes his eyes. Suddenly cum starts to come out like a fountain. We all watch as it lands on my feet. My husband then does something I never expected. He picks the cum of my feet and then kisses me so I can taste it. Joshua asks if he can eat my pussy with my husband and I say yes. I watch as their tongues fight with each other to get a taste of my juices and lick my clit. I rub my nipples as I press my pussy against their faces. They hungrily slurp up my juices as I cum violently. I get up because I need some water and Joshua notices the red marks on my ass. He asked who did this to me and I said my husband did. Joshua tells my husband he did a good job and he says thank you. He said he spanks his wife often when she acts up. Joshua grabs my ass and kisses my cheeks. I didn't notice my husband come back with his belt. He hands the belt to Joshua and tells him to keep it for when he sees me misbehaving. I get excited. Now I have two men who can punish whenever they feel like it. Joshua assures my husband he will. As he walks out the door he smacks my ass hard. It makes me wet and eager to misbehave.